Palm Reading $25

Palm reading focuses on your lines and impressions on your palms. These lines will indicate what type of person you are personally and spiritually. Tells you what qualities you have that make you unique.

Aura Reading $150

This is a full life reading. Will guide you on the right path in love, marriage, business, career, finance's, travel, health and happiness. Gets into your past life's will read your aura's tell you if there any blockages, negative energy or obstacles that are standing in your way and also you can ask as many question you like with this reading.

Psychic Energy Reading $50

The psychic energy reading will tell you past present and future by using psychic ability. I will read your aura, your energy, and will be able to pick up on any other spiritual influences around you. This is a great reading to learn about others in your life such as soulmates, any potential romantic interest, Family members, as well as coworkers/business partners. You will understand how you are being affected by each person and you will also learn the outcome of that relationship or circumstance you will be told if these factors are negative or positive success or failure.

Tarot Cards $45

The cards will tell you past present and future. This is a reading that will detail you on your love and career. Each card in this deck will tell me where are you going. Will give detailed answers that you are looking for. Help and guide you on the right path.

Current Special

Three readings for $60

Other services provided include:

Spiritual Holistic Healing

Aura Cleansing

Chakra Balancing

Spiritual Mediation

Reiki Energy Healing

Candle Healing

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